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Revised Release on the Pressure along the Melting and Sublimation Curves of Ordinary Water Substance (September 2011)

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This revised release provides reference-quality correlations for the sublimation pressure of ice Ih as a function of temperature, along with the melting pressure as a function of temperature for ice Ih, ice III, ice V, ice VI, and ice VII.
For the sublimation and melting of Ice Ih, the correlations were specially constructed to be consistent with the IAPWS thermodynamic formulations for ice and for fluid water, and to meet the known triple-point condition.
Further details may be found in the paper cited as Ref. [5] in the document.

Revision History

This Revised Release is the product of the Working Group "Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam" (TPWS) of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS).

This page updated September 15, 2011

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