Minutes from 2003 IAPWS Meeting

The 2003 annual meeting of the Executive Committee and Working groups of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) was held in Vejle, Denmark, August 24-29, 2003.

The minutes are contained in several different documents in PDF format (see below for minutes all in one document), as follows:

Table of Contents, Minutes of Executive Committee
NOTE: It is intended that the Table of Contents may be used for navigation within the entire minutes; clicking on the entry for an item should take you directly to that item. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work for some people. If you wish to navigate in this way and can't do so when accessing the documents on the Website, try downloading them all to your local drive and accessing the documents there.

Agenda, new Committees and Task Groups, Symposium program, and meeting schedule [Attachments 1-4 to Executive Committee minutes]

Minutes (with attachments) of individual Working Groups
TPWS (Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam) [Attachment 5] [An attachment accidentally omitted from the original TPWS minutes is here]
IRS (Industrial Requirements and Solutions) [Attachment 6]
PCAS (Physical Chemistry of Aqueous Solutions) [Attachment 7]
PCC (Power Cycle Chemistry) [Attachment 8]

List of Active Documents, Collaborative Proposal [Attachments 9-10]

Press Release [Attachment 11]

Reports on Research in Member Countries [Attachments 12-19]

List of Participants [Attachment 20]

Please note the Errata issued after the preparation of the original minutes.

For those who prefer the entire minutes in one document, a version in that format is here. In this document, clicking in the Table of Contents will take you to the appropriate place within the document.

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