On this page, we answer common questions about the structure and activities of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS).

If you need information about IAPWS not provided here or elsewhere on this website, contact the Executive Secretary.

If you are looking for general scientific information, try our page of FAQs about Water and Steam.

Frequently Asked Questions About IAPWS

Does IAPWS give funding for research?

How can I get a copy of IAPWS Releases, Technical Guidance Documents, and other documents?

How do IAPWS standards relate to the ASME Steam Tables?

IAPWS has two thermodynamic property formulations. Which one should I use?

My country is not a member of IAPWS. Can I still be involved?

What is a "Guideline"?

What is a "Release"?

What is a "Technical Guidance Document"?

What is an "ICRN"?

What is the difference between the IAPWS-95 formulation "for general and scientific use" and the IAPWS-IF97 "industrial" formulation?

When and where does IAPWS meet?

Where should I direct other questions about the programs and policies of IAPWS?

Where should I direct questions or comments about this Website?

Updated December 3, 2013